Operations Overview -The Seven Design Advantages That Drive SDD’s Creativity-

1. Concept Design

For us at SDD, the beginning of each new project is an opportunity to invent a new market. By creating radically new products and services and launching them onto a market that has never seen their like, we continually stimulate the expectations of the market. Concept design is the key supporting element for this process, and the wellspring of our creativity.

2. Product Design

Turning a fresh concept into a product and releasing it into a real-world market poses a host of challenges. The concept has to be conveyed to the user in an easy-to-understand manner. In its tangible form as a product, the concept must respond to a real need and stimulate the sensibilities. The strength of SDD lies in our ability to deliver total design encompassing all the above elements, which together constitute a great product.

3. Interface Design

Whenever we undertake any creative process, we always envision the user when he or she takes possession of our product and then starts using it. We picture that initial moment of surprise, followed by the cascade of impressions that the product awakens in the user. The novel responses so generated create their own set of new user demands—which become our next challenge.

4. System Design

However brilliant a concept may be, users’ reception will be cool if the product’s attractive exterior is not matched by tangible benefits that users can enjoy on an ongoing basis. SDD earned its positive reputation with users by supporting its concepts and designs with robust system design capabilities, made possible by an impressive toolkit of design technologies.

5. Software Design

In the seemingly abstract world of software, advances in technology are greatly influenced by the ideologies and aesthetics of the times, launching a constant stream of new trends. No matter how many design options there may be, the vision and practical ability to choose the right technologies for realizing the target concept remains SDD’s pride as a technology-development company.

6. Visual Design

The visual design of software as a tool may not be strictly essential to its success. But a good visual design can powerfully impress users and stimulate their senses and perceptions in day-to-day activities. At SDD, we recognize how important these effects can be. We put great effort into conveying the concept behind every product through its visual impact.

7. Ecological Design

Long before everyone started shouting about environmental performance, SDD was quietly building ecological design into all its products, from the concept phase onward. We thoroughly eliminate waste from all our products by reducing product size, ensuring broad compatibility with general-purpose products, creating designs that users never get weary of using, and providing data that can be used repeatedly.

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